While not a comprehensive list, this page features some snapshots of gear – instruments and effects – that helped form the sound of Mood Adjuster.

Solina String Ensemble

Solinda b

First up the lush Solina String ensemble. This is the oldest keyboard in the studio and performs most of the string duties where the m-tron isn’t being used.

Rhodes MK II electric piano

Rhodes & gtr

The Fender Rhodes is a classic and features heavily on the album. It weighs a fair bit too!

Shin-Ei Resly Tone


The Shin-Ei Resly Tone RT-18 includes the ‘mood’ circuit from the Shin-Ei Psychedelic Machine which all came out of an early attempt to recreate the sound of the leslie rotating speaker. It also includes a tremolo effect which is particularly nice on guitar.

Deluxe Electric Mistress

Mistress Cropped

You have to love this analog flanger effect if only for the name. Fortunately it sounds great too, as Steve Hillage & Gilmour ably demonstrate.

MXR Phase 90

Phase 90

This is a re-issue of the classic 70’s phaser pedal. More subtle than the Jet Phaser or Mutron Biphase and it’s 100% more orange.

Roland AP-5


Another swirly phaser in a bullet proof box. This was the precursor to the Roland Jet Phaser, and sounds as groovy as the orange lettering looks.

Anyway, that’s just a taster of our gear. Most of the rest is either more typical or just less photogenic.