Mood Adjuster

The latest album ‘Mood Adjuster’ is available for download now at Bandcamp and includes full CD sleeve art.

Please note that you can listen to the whole album before buying.


Mood Adjuster album cover


2 thoughts on “Mood Adjuster

  1. Similar to “Retropod” and “Files from the Chronographic Institute” EYES OF ETHEREA sent us seven new great songs. A nice mix of funk, jazz and space elements set in carefully. The music comes in a soothing way even “Funky Rug”. I like such kind of music,
    I can’t name the best song but “Baba Ghanoush”, “Eclectosaurus” and “Rannoch Moor” are my favourite tracks.

    That’s my brief impression of Mood Adjuster, but get a sample by yourself…



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